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Ozanam Scholar’s Program

A unique program that is only found at St John’s University in New York, America, it is a service based program that is constituted of multiple cohorts (teams of people that are grouped together through their year of education at the college)...

Let us Develop

Opposition against certain media has always existed since the first printing press was churning out articles.

CULTURAL GIANTS: Stephen Joel Chifunyise.

We neglect our cultural giants when they are alive. Once they are dead everyone competes to mourn and shower praises on them.

Peterhouse Boys Awards

ACADEMIC Congratulations to the following boys who qualified for Commendations in the Term Mark Order: E/B...

St. John’s Emerald Hill Prize Giving Day Ceremony

On Frida 5 October 2018, St. John's High School in Emerald Hill held it's annual student prize giving ceremony at the school. Form 1 -...

Lerato the Marimba Star

Many shun from the mbira, traditional drum and hosho, associating them with tools of trade for spirit mediums. However, in the midst of all the...
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ARTIST: ROPAFADZO MUPARIWACOUNTRY: ZIMBABWEMATERIALS USED: PAINT As a global pandemic, COVID-19 has caused massive social unrest in the whole worldwide....

Nature Against COVID-19

ARTIST: RUVARASHE MUPARIWACOUNTRY: ZIMBABWEMATERIALS USED: WOOD Nature, as we know, has a great contribution to our livelihood. The pandemic has...

God Is Watching

ARTIST: THABO TUMELOCOUNTRY: BOTSWANAMATERIALS USED: ADOBE PHOTOOSHOP COVID-19 affected the entire world in the fact that it broke families apart....


ARTIST: MICHAEL GWARAVAZACOUNTRY: ZIMBABWEMATERIALS USED: COBALT STONE and WIRE Being in disarray and panic. The world has been in great...