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Hello, world! Welcome to the unendingly random mind of one such as I, whom most call Destro. Hi! I’m super excited to be going on this journey with you. I hope you have robot eyes because reading culture is difficult (lol). Anyway, so the point of this entry? It’s to clear up anything going forward; at this point, I have reached a place where I feel it’s more important to release thoughts and so on than let them die inside. And ultimately create a culture!

Anyone close to me knows that the biggest thing I advocate for is purpose. Finding one’s life purpose is one of the most important missions we face every day. Many neglect the importance of soul searching, searching for significance, and finding center because we are heavily distracted. There’s too much “noise.”

The noise of following rules and regulations (not that they are bad entirely). The noise of seeking acceptance from society instead of oneself. the clamor of finding a job rather than finding our work; if you caught that, you’re on the right track in life, and so on and so forth, all of which contribute to the numerous distractions we face in our daily lives.

We work tirelessly to fit into a box instead of defining our own paths. We make it a statement to break our backs to please people and still end up very, very empty. I would have started a blog, but with the limitless ability of a status update or an article, why not use these platforms to express myself and, once again, start a culture of more people rising up to express themselves?

Expressing oneself should never be belittled. I remember a time when I was a young man and I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I remember exclaiming, “An artist! Or a pastor!” And the adults were looking at me in amazement; their eyes were lit with amusement as their jaws began to make movements that echoed a disjointed narrative of a smile and an occasional chuckle, which indicated to me that they disapproved. As a young boy, I was quite astute.

Their disapproval of my choices was an indication of their supposed “point.” A point that remained uncommunicated, ill-expressed, and seldom talked about in any case. The point was basically that I didn’t know what I was talking about and that there was no safety in my choices. The only safety I could have found was in their notions of what it truly is.

So therein is the beginning of the unnecessary pressure that I know almost all of us growing up have gone through.

Fast forward this pressure mounted as I went through high school. Tunnel vision is all the education system could offer. If I didn’t make it to UNZA or CBU, then I have failed at life, when in actuality, failure, for the grave injustice it truly is, is not leaving a legacy or inheritance for my children’s children. That is failure.

But, with such streamlined self-loathing and righteous vindictiveness that comes with pursuing a white-collar job in the elitist field, I found myself feeling increasingly empty as I gained “educative knowledge.”

By that, I mean knowledge that is regurgitated. Similar to how a bird chews its baby’s food before later spitting it in a vomit-like manner into the baby’s mouth. That very food is what the baby will eat in order to grow stronger and fly. I use this analogy to contrast the following:

  1. A regurgitated system basically trains people to accept “strength” or “security” that’s false and isn’t guaranteed to see them grow.
  2. Just like the feeding method. The system will dictate how much knowledge you need in order to “fly.” The more I went through university (yes, I made it to UNZA!), it was supposed to give me a sense of resolve and peace, but as I spent four years of my life at UNZA, I realized how hollow it feels to “achieve” a degree. I was pulled into a tug of war between my purpose and my apparent obligation to get a paper that the family and society would accept me for.

I realized that finding acceptance goes beyond living my whole

life for the approval of society or my family. But finding my purpose actually liberates my family more than a piece of paper. But, because we’ve all been duped into believing that our liberation is written on a piece of paper, failure eludes us because we have faith in something that, if torn, renders destiny “paper thin.” And that, my friends, is what I have no answers for…

So how then, you may ask, did I balance pursuing my passions for destiny and purpose with pursuing a degree? Well, I could premedicate some form of motivation to spew you a web of cognitive bias that will logically reflect your desire to find a “quick fix” to something that, inherently, I’ve come to believe, is a deep lust to find answers to help you understand yourself more.

I find it interesting how we gravitate towards people who offer “answers” to life, but because of our diverse uniqueness, the answers vary in their shape, form, and apparent impact. Therefore. Search for yourself and find answers that work with the shape your destiny takes. I hope that statement, in some way, feels liberating to you.

I digress. Coming back to the question I just asked, I can only attribute what I learned and how I walked through university with the balance of my passions to God. Most of the time, each facet of my life suffered in some way because I was trying to multitask. Sometimes I’d focus on something else and just float through the other. And I did this interchangeably.

My advice to you would be to find a proper foundation to build your balance on. The more logical approach is to concentrate on one thing at a time. That helps a lot. And, as of this writing, I am a current honours degree holder in media and communication as well as political science… And yes, immediately after attaining this “success,” as barely as I skimmed through all four years, I returned to my passions, almost with foolhardiness, and then… (Nigerian movie sound effects) Corona happened!

But even that is not stopping me from my pursuits as of now. So what exactly am I saying? No one will ever walk in your shoes to help you figure things out. But learn as much as you can from everyone and find a solid foundation on which to build and pursue what you’re passionate about—what you’re meant to be. Get an education, for it is still part and parcel of where you need to be. And, rather than having education as Plan A, have it as Plan B. Because, in all honesty, multitasking is a myth, you’re either doing everything horribly wrong or achieving nothing at all.

Therefore, find God, find yourself, find your access, and you will be… Fine.

This is all I have for you today. I know a lot of questions may have been circulating your mind, but worry not. I am here to answer all queries on my social media:

Facebook: Destro FNP

Twitter: @DestroFNP

Instagram: @destrofnp

Till next time. Thank you so much for your undying support. It’s truly humbling to realise and acknowledge that there are many people out there who would love to explore this mind of mine. Okay. Bye 👋

I am a multimedia content producer based in Harare.


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