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mujejeje launches on 29 June 2021

We are delighted to announce that the 2021 programme for mujejeje launches on 29 June.

mujejeje is inspired by ancient sound technology, stones, which when beaten would ring out across valleys transmitting important information and forming sophisticated broadcast communication networks.
Found at the Great Zimbabwe, several sites in the country and continent – these stones resonate sound, memory and solidarity echoing through space and time, and manifesting as a sonic network connecting across Africa and its diaspora. 

In 2021 – artists, curators and writers come together in a series of correspondences – a programme of six compositions of sound-related works which trace transnational music histories and shared sonic imaginaries reverberating across Zimbabwe, Africa and multiple sites around the world.
#01  Tsitsi Jaji & Antawan I. Byrd 
#02  Simon Njami, Sammy Baloji & Mo Laudi 
#03  Paul Goodwin & Tumi Mogorosi  
#04  Santiago Mostyn & Tawanda Appiah 
#05  Robert Abia Moore & Tinofireyi Zhou 
#06  Batsirai Chigama 
        Penny Yon & Atiyyah Khan
        George Albert Yon
production | njelele.art/radio
sound editing | News From Home
music instrumental | Husikisiki Studio
I am a multimedia content producer based in Harare.


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