COVID-19 affected the entire world in the fact that it broke families apart. Thousands of people lost their lives. People are now restricted to travel or pay a visit to their respective and beloved ones. It created a boundary between people’s relationships starting with the young people to the old people.

Roadblocks are everywhere, trying by all means to avoid unnecessary movements of people around villages, towns and cities. Freedom of movement is now limited. Only permitted people are allowed to move around with their respective reasons. This had resulted in tension between people in the sense that COVID-19 set a distance between relationships.

People are now affected by other diseases, for example, depression because they overthink and worry let alone lose their beloved ones and fail to bid them farewell the way they used to because even funerals and wedding, are no longer involve many attendants, and all the misfortune increase number of death and had forced people to live a life that they were not used to, and it is now torture to the nation.

So I designed this artwork titled ‘God is Watching’ to help the world become strong and calm, not really meaning that the current COVID-19 situation is solved but to make people focus and not panic more. So my artwork consists of an eggshell which shows that in this world we are equal, we all get hurt emotionally which truly shows that we are all human beings and using the shell specifically I got the inspiration from the chicks that can hatch having different colours but belonging from same eggs from same mother chicken.

And that on its own brings us back to our beloved planet, Earth that we were all born into. So now people who are affected by this virus let alone who lost loved family members should not be discriminated, they should be treated equally in society. It also consists of two people, young men and women, who are depressed, and also consist of the earth which is surrounded by a wedding ring and coronavirus.

This is to say that families are affected. People miss and always over think of their beloved ones which they cannot meet them because of boundaries created by this virus. And I was targeting young people of early twenties and thirties. And lastly, they is a dove holding a lamp above. I used it to shows that indeed God is always there to save us. Yes the virus is still killing thousands of people but it is all upon God’s plan, he knows when the situation will be alright and what we can do now is to have great hope and never stop looking for a possible solution to this virus because doing something or facing a problem having hope that one day things will be alright is much better than being hopeless.

So I used the dove because it is associated with pure love and angels of God.