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Corona virus is a deadly respiratory disease that has claimed billions of lives globally. The virus is transmitted through body fluids like mucus that are let out by an infected person. It has symptoms similar to those of influenza which include headache, fever and colds to mention but a few. Physical contact is also a contributing factor to getting the virus. Unless you wash your hands with an alcohol based hand sanitizer, you will contract the virus.

Corona virus has caused serious pandamonia in the European countries, African countries like the Zambian society. The aim of this composition is to outline the impact of Covid-19 on the Zambian society.

The economy, the Zambian economy is totally dependent on foreign trade considering the fact that we import goods and services from different countries world-wide. Thus, whith the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, it has been quite difficult for any form of trade to take place. Countries from which Zambia imports goods have been on total lockdown thereby giving no chance for citizens to carry out any form of trade due to the closure on Boarders and airports.

Places like Nakonde and Lusaka (the capital city of Zambia) have been hit terribly as they are the back bone of the country’s economy and where both foreign and local trade takes place. Manufacturing industries and factories have been closed and employees are forced to stay home in order to practice social distance. This has led to less or no income for a lot of people in the country. No income means the livelihood of people at family level is at stake. It has been stated that the average day to day food consumption where families are able to have a maximum of three meals has drastically reduced to people having two. This is due to the rise of prices on various commodities on the market. The cost of living keeps rising daily in both rural and urban areas. If rural areas depend on urban areas to level up their ways of life, the urban areas have much to do.

The tourism revenue is also one of the key holders of the country`s economy. It was reported that on Fifth May 2020, Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia recorded zero tourists coming in because of the total lockdown that other countries were facing at that time. People who run businesses like lodges and hotels are running at a loss because there are no tourists. To this effect, they are forced to shut down the businesses. Domestic workers are asked to stay home because there is no income. Those that run cross boarders trade especially boarders like the Victoria Falls town in Zimbabwe and Livingstone have faced major setbacks. Zimbabwe being on total lockdown, the Zambian business people stopped crossing the boarder upon announcement of the closure.

            Not only has Corona virus affected the economy, but also the health sector. The country is running short of man power in regards to health personnels as there are new cases recorded on a daily basis. The other thing is even if more health practitioners were recruited to fight the pandemic, their health is still at risk as they are always in close contact with these patients. As a country, we are running out of quarantine centers so the government is making schools as alternative quarantine centers in order to accommodate all Covid-19 patients. Already the economy is in its ugly phase so resources are running out prior to coronavirus tests. The money reserved for developmental projects is being used to test people for the virus as well.

The education sector has also not been spared by this deadly virus in that primary school, secondary schools, colleges and universities have remained closed for about three consecutive months now. Pupils are requested to stay home and those in their final years have been delayed with their exams. For this reason, they are sent into panic mode to try and catch up with the lost time before exams commence. Lack of adequate preparation can result  to failingas well as unwanted pregnancies for the impatient ones.

As Zambians, we have been urged to live with the new normal as this virus shall be in existence for longer than we thought. If we stay home reluctant and wait for the pandemic to completely come to an end then we are adding up to the country`s distruction. Instead, we will stand united and face the virus head on. Staying home, avoiding unnecessary movements and wearing if masks are the key to reducing the virus from spreading further. Every dark cloud has a silver lining thus, we as Zambians and world at large shall fight this pandemic with all that it takes.

Banda Emmie

Age: 20

Livingstone, Zambia.


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