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Is Not Over Yet


In the heart of a great planet, Earth, Covid – 19 has taken the world by a great storm. Thousands of people lost their precious lives, families broken apart. Countries run riot every single day, trying to save lives, but the pandemic is still outstanding and killing many people. I designed this artwork to help people to calm and have hope let alone becoming strong, safe and protected in this pandemic.

Covid -19 pounced on our eye closed nation, no one was aware of what is going to happen. It just came out of nowhere. Everyone got shocked and have limited time to research more about this virus at the same time saving lives. So my artwork shows that they is no time to rest. The virus is with us and it is treated like our day to day meal. Every single minute count. More time should be spent on finding possible solutions to the virus that swallow thousands of human beings.

As designers most importantly, it is our duty to research more and get knowledgeable let alone come out with creative ideas that can help to fight this pandemic. So I included a wide awake artist in the middle of the night scrutinizing the virus and having some possible ideas on the plan board at the back on the wall. Looking at the window part it really shows that indeed it is late at night. This artist spend more time finding possible solutions.

Not everyone is infected by the virus and it is quite important to stay protected and safe all the time, for example, staying at home by avoiding unnecessary movements, avoiding crowed places and wearing a mask all the time as prescribed by the health department. So my work helps the viewers to really get what has been said and advised by the ministry of health to stay safe, because I used only one person and he is wearing a mask and also I captured or manipulated this work in such a way that it is indoor because they are zones and people or nations are under lock down to avoid overcrowded, so mostly events of finding possible solutions are of mind set and conducted indoors.

The situation is very tough and infuriatingly depressing so I used an old chair and even the window is quite depressing as to show how cold the situation is. Facts has to be said out and it can be important for the viewer to know and understand what kind of the virus or pandemic feels like. Every storm is moving. There is no permanent storm.

There is light side behind the dark side so I included the paraffin lamp as to give the viewer warm hope, that indeed is not over yet. No matter how tough today might look, the situation will be alright at some point. The warm colours I used was to capture the viewer’s eye let alone attention hence have a calm feeling and have hope.


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