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First Things First Man

I Wake Up Strong

I Wake Up Bold

I Put My Musk On

So That I Can Move On

Protecting Myself From This Bomb

As Um In Quarantine

I Jus Leave It To You God

Right Now I Hve A Lot In My Mind

What I Know Is I Don’t Wanna Die Young

So Um Taking Precaution Every Second

Indoors Every Minite

Um Jus Feeling Like Ts My Dying Moment

Body,Mind And Soul

There Are All At War

Donno What To Protect

The Body Or The Soul

Um Trying To See Outside Behind Those Prison Walls

I See The Wolrd In Fear

 And A World In Great War

People Are Trying

People Are Fighting

But What Are We Fighting?

Is It World War 2…No!

Ts Jus The World At War

….An Intelligence Virus

This Has Made Division Over Us

Tears Shed Everywhere

That’s Gonna Be Hard To Repair

Lives Are Being Lost

People Perish

None Of Those Had This On Their Wish List

The World Is In Fear

Its Now Covid Over God

Lets  Not Forget He The One Who Makes Us Bold

As He Is The Lord

Lets Be Strong Together

And Stay Bold

Lets Defeat This Beast

The Struggle Is Real

Soon We Gonna Have A Feast

Celebrate, Exoplore And Party As Artists

Its One For All

All For One

Together We Can

Stay Safe,Stay Blessed!!!


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