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An Enemy Among Us, Covid-19

My eyes crave for the cars that whizzed past the roads

The little kids that played tag in the streets

The couples that sashayed past me, hand in hand.

My ears desire that hoot, that giggle, that laugh that clothed the atmosphere in beautiful apparel

Yet now, the silence dawns on me

Pushing me down like a weight on my shoulders

Like a knee on my neck, blocking my breathing

I can’t breath

The streets stand bare 

No car, No child, No couple


And The tumble weed gracefully makes its way down the road

The space is HIS


Like the intruder that has attacked our respiratory system 

The inflation that has risen in our economy

A minute virus, visible under only a microscope yet has struck so much fear in people’s lives

Rich or poor

Able or disabled

We are all subjected to its Will


News of Covid-19 cases escalating is all we hear from any broadcaster

Unfathomable deaths are what we perceive

The desire to help wells deep within us but we’ve been rendered helpless

Cooped safely in our houses, we are not safe from our minds

Despair twirls in our minds

Fear of contracting The Killer nestles in our hearts

Hunger strikes families

Famine lurks in

And my artistic mind yearns for something to shed in some light

However due to the pollution for this Fiend

All I produce is destroyed

By expressions of hurt, heartache, despair.

My hope has died

My peace falters

The only option I have is to look out my window

Watch the darkness unfold further beyond the horizon

And hope that this time the quote will come as true

” the darkest hour comes before light sips in and dispels it.”

Amanda Mkandla

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