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2020 Calendar

In this piece, I used the artistic process I was taught in school, and have adopted as my own to portray how the COVID-19 has affected me as an artist, as well as the resilience of art.

January: Planning and brainstorming 

January is a month generally known for resolutions and planning. In the development of an art work, this is the stage of visualization. This process would also include sketching and experimentation. In my piece the, artist has selected womanhood to be his theme, perhaps for the year 2020, and using a vision board, he plays with various ideas, experimenting with different concepts and researching ideas.

In February and March, he has developed his ideas and has decided on a subject. He has experimented with colour and various poses and his mental planning has brought him (to this point). He is ready. His canvas is set, and so are his mediums, and he has a model.

In the time period of the Lockdown, just before he sets his paintbrush on the canvas, the paintbrush snaps. This could represent a lot of things for different artists: perhaps sponsors have pulled out in light of the crises. Perhaps motivation has depleted. Perhaps an upcoming exhibition has been canceled. Whatever it may be, the paint brush fell. We see his model covered with a white cloth. She, the subject is not quite visible and clear. This introduces a stagnancy for some, a sadness for others, as they find themselves waiting for an answer, not having power to do anything about their current situations. COVID-19 has written itself on their canvases of its own accord, without their permission. I wrote Lockdown instead of the months, because for many it felt as though it was stretching into eternity, with no one really knowing the exact date of expiry.

Now: The glue- I used this to show the resilience of art. Because every artist has in them the resilience to get back up. To piece it all back together. To dream it and visualize it into reality. The glue may be time for some, to adjust to the new way of living. It may be friendships, it may be health. Our glues are different. They should be. But the paintbrush will paint again. This piece was my own.


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