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its in the dark times we discover light

          Each year is different but no one ever imagined 2020 the way it is today.some are calling it corona some covid-19,whatever we may call it this pandemic virus has caused heartbreaking moments in our lives noone ever saw coming.covid -19 has caused a mere fragment in our daily way of living…our social life has been disturbed…the way we work,play and learn; schools,restaurants  all meeting places closed.we living in new regulations era face masks ,sanitizer lockdown and social distancing.its hard to live a new life at an unexpected time.all these regulations are limiting us from living our normal life.me and my friends we used to meet up after school at a local restaurant to practice our singing skills perfecting our vocals,song writing and such just to develop  and perfect our talents.

         all this has been made an nightmare since

This wolrd pandemic civid-19.as a college student we are required to be doing some group discussions and also some research.none of this is taking place at the moment because of the virus.this tormentation has made our lives terreble.lives lost in an unimagined way,many lost friends and family.how am i going to catchup with my new psychology lecture  knowing that he’s replacing my previous who lost his life in these hard times?…so sad!

        its going to be a different life at school after this misery.we are in quarantine now but are we going to get normal lives back.i doubt that,i don’t see any of this happening,life is not going to be the same after this.there is and there will be no comfort of being in the present others.

       our social activities have been limited with precaution measures to oneself and the next person.our social life and activities have been disrupted as we are to maintain the social distance to avoid the spread.corona has been a threat to our world,socially,economicaly and individually.it has put a huge impact in our way of living…massive death of businesses and people.as i am writing this my parents who support me financially fear for their jobs.this means me not being able to finish my studies.sad right?i’m required to be using the new morden ways of learning,group chats connecting with my classmates online.

      i have been missing some of these since its not everyone who affords this way of learning corona has brought us.my favourate spot(mikes kitchen restaurant)is closed and that’s where i used to do some of my school reseaches with my friends using their free wifi.also as young artist i get my motivation through interaction,socialising and travelling different places exploring,all this is not going to be possible with the presence of the virus.

         lastly,my mentor is always saying “its in the dark times we discover light”.in these hard i been working on improving myself in all  possible ways, physically,mentally and socially.i been trying develop myself personally as im in  quarantine.spending more time with family ,reading more books ,doing online researches to improve my skills.i have just discovered new talent in writing and looking forward to publish my book soon.



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