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Tuesday, May 30, 2023

To The Almighty


COVID-19 has taken its tour in the world since November 2019. However some believe that it is chemical warfare, something that is made by men and others believe that it’s the Lord’s wrath upon mankind because of sins. After all, every nation and every person in this world from the great to the least have lifted their head’s staring to the heavens seeking for mercy and deliverance from the Almighty God.

Thousands of people have lost their lives in an unacceptable way due to the pandemic virus. Every country is trembling in fear …the world as we know it has changed, schools, shops, churches, even sports activities and borders are closed nothing big is running for the sake of safety to stop the spreading of this pandemic virus to save lives.

People are suffering during this lockdown period because some countries cannot afford to provide essentials to the people, some people are not being able to provide basics for their families. Some are taking advantage of others by raising the price of commodities. Transport is scarce and the cost to travel from place to place due to the ban of other forms of transportation for the sake of safety.

The crime rate is rising homes are being broken, properties are being stolen School children are turning to be something else. Different media platforms are raising awareness of the pandemic virus, and safety measures, but they are some people who are not getting enough information about the safety precautions measures to social distancing, and some are not even can’t afford to buy themselves face mask and some of the alcohol-based sanitizer.

This is a small test of night families are living in fear what shall we eat tomorrow, Mothers holding their children in despair. Truly we have no-one to turn to not even money can’t save a person’s life from the pandemic virus, this is a situation where we got nothing but God to save us with His unfailing hand, we should keep our head’s high where there is the light of hope.


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