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It Is Always Darkest Before Dawn


This illustrates how art is resilient in the sense that no matter how much hard things get just like the darkness in the night; the situation we are in, there will always be the dawn when the sun rises; when we overcome covid 19 and finally move on as the global family we are in preserving our arts and cultures as one.

Most thought it was an exaggeration , taking every single social media platform by storm. Everyone saw it like a fictional act brought to life, but when it claimed its victims overnight and rapidly picked up its pace we were living through horror. Death spread like wild fire, he who had not felt the pain of losing someone they cared for felt that pain, it sent chills running down the spine of the entire Globe. Who knew we would find ourselves locked in our rooms scared to go outside and hug , shake hands and interact with friends and family again. This lockdown was the only way of saving lives and buying time for our brothers and sisters who are working on the cure. I watched my neighbour listen and watch the sprinklers outside her home rotate over and over , she smiled as though everything was ok again, I knew at that very moment her mind was at a state of euphoria because nothing gave that smile besides seeing her grand daughter play around the sprinklers with everlasting joy, I realised how the mind and its artistic ways could be resilient under any circumstance. This lockdown may be our dark time, the time that weakens your passion to Express and expand, the time that holds your artistic ideas back , the time that cuts you off understanding the dynamics of your life and culture. However I want you to know that one day this will all be history, do not give up on your ideas and dreams for it is always darkest before dawn. It is through such times that greater ideas are born to safe guard our dreams and passions, it is what makes humans unique; the ability to hope where there’s no hope, to fight when we don’t stand a chance. Let’s not look at a battle field but the war , we will see our dawn again.

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