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Life as we know it, is full of laughter, fun, socializing and mixing with friends and relatives though sometimes it comes with its ups and downs.

COVID 19 pandemic has shown us that life can just change like the weather. Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic that came as a surprise to the whole world against what we all anticipated the year to be. The year 2020 came with so much excitement and expectations since it had been advertised so much before it arrived. In many churches, they prophesied goodwill and prosperity that was associated to this year. No one ever anticipated the turn around of events that took place not only in my country Zimbabwe but from all over the world.

The rate at which people are dying has forced almost all counties to have a lockdown with the gospel of telling everyone to stay at home. This has come up with its own challenges.Parents are going through hard times in trying to keep their families safe from this uncurable disease. Children look up to their parents for anything and life indoors is not one of they things they would want. Toys, sports, activities and so many other things are what make life so fun for children and without these things life is not all roses. 

Every child looks forward to celebrating their birthdays over a cake and surrounded by their friends and family members. Unfortunately this was not so for many children with birthdays that fell after the lockdown date.

April has always been known as a month of celebrating Easter and therefore many Christians looked forward to gather and pray together. Instead of going out on dinners and parties people were locked indoors. Relationships with extended families has decreased and to make matters worse,wedding ceremonies were cancelled to avoid large gatherings.What a waste for the couples who had takenmonths to prepare!

Our economic productions have drastically dropped because people are not buying and selling things but only those that are permitted to do so. Furthermore, the country’s imports and exports have come to a halt because of this pandemic causing a decrease in economic developments. Also, the mining industry is being affected because there are no minerals available for trade or to improve the economy as well.
In conclusion, life will never be the same after covid19 pandemic.l can not imagine starting the same year at school again if the disease does not find a cure. We are all looking above for a solution.


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