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Twenty Twenty


The doctor. this imagery shows how the medical field is distraught and is in a dire situation.

The mouthless man. Shows a rather weird expression of nostalgia. His ignorance towards the various characters reveal how people long for events to normalise.

The male with a jacket. This character reveals opportunism which has been shaped amidst the prevalent crisis. A situation where every 24 hours the world becomes a day older, 7 times make it a week, and 30 times make it a month and yet nothing else changes except the date. A state of emergency where mankind feels trapped in his own home, confined by his own walls, and with as much certainty about the next day as about the next 100 years. Certain individuals heave found this as a means of creating and boosting their business. Other have also found innovations and profiteering (thus the jacket to show that certain people are ready for the “stormy”, “cold” weather.

The image of the girl holding her tummy reveals hunger and substantial poverty. Food has become scarce. Prices sky-rocketed. Resources ever dwindling and yet there is no apparent sign of the end. Just another 24 hours passed and another day gone. For the first time in history the sun has become a curse. A figure of what isn`t. A symbol of fresh desires each day, and unfulfillment of those desires each night. A painful reminder that times are not the same. And the days feel no urgency whatsoever; to move any faster. She looks to the doctor for help in a bid to find a cure.

The girl holding a woollen hat. The psychedelic colours encompassed by various social media handles reveal how creativity continues to bloom despite the pandemic. Because it is also now when the art of producing art is ripest for development. When creativity and innovation are born. When inspiration is found in the unlikeliest of places. It is now when art, music and creativity once again carry the world forward, gives the people hope, desire and purpose. Art, can be defined in a million different ways. But it is now more than ever, where it has proven itself to be irrepressible, progressive and alive. Mankind will live on thus the model facing away from the doctor to illustrate a hope which others cannot see. We see that this pandemic has affected us greatly in our social life.

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