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Time’s Tale


Once upon a time…today!
This illustration represents the impact of Covid-19 both individually, on me as an artist, and on the society around me.

Creativity is unstoppable even in such difficult times and art shows itself in many ways. For someone who loves to knit, yarn is a valuable resource and something an avid knitter could never have enough of. In the same way, the yarn in this illustration takes the role of time. During this quarantine, time seems more arbitrary and continuous. It is easy to get lost in a variety of hobbies and tasks indoors; from knitting, to playing guitar, music, working from home, cooking, and whatever can fit in a day, from sunrise to sunset. The hand holding the phone opens up to the world outside physically and virtually. A link to the rest of the socially distant mask-wearing society, as would be represented by individual icons on the phone screen, through contact with family and friends, running “essential errands”, sanitizer, news updates about the pandemic and more. Moreover, the hand is partly wet from the recommended frequent washing of hands.

Meanwhile, amidst the passing of time, the SARS-Cov-2 seemingly plays hide and seek with symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers, medical personnel, scientists and the rest
of the world beyond borders. The alarming death rates and negative impacts of Covid-19 have no control over the continuous flow of time.

Time; a valuable resource critical to the virus’s survival in its hideout and a resource critical to the world’s efforts in seeking a day when the culprit is fully understood and when the chaos caused becomes a tale of the past.

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