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The Roaring Lion


In this illustration, the Roaring Lion is depicted as earth and mankind. It roars toward the Corona virus cell and destroys it.

Mankind has faced an endless list of adversity and horrifying terror, but has shown resilience throughout the years. It makes one wonder, can anything really knock us out permanently? Surely not! Adversity vs Mankind. Adversity has reared its ugly head countless times, through wars, famine, racism , disease; the list is endless; yet somehow mankind has triumphed time and time again. COVID19, very well known as the Corona Virus; is a war of a different kind. This time it came for us all, instilling fear and shock. The Corona Virus has been merciless – taking lives, killing hope and testing spiritual beliefs. Yet, even with the chaos and darkness, COVID19 has not knocked society out. It may seem so, but we are coping. That’s the thing about adversity versus the resilience of humankind, we always conquer. We will fight back. A little faith goes a long way, so we fight with all that we’ve got! People all over the world are rising up more than ever, giving more than ever, praying more than ever, believing more than ever; tapping into their true selves to extract the golden hope they dug away so deeply. There is a sound of resilience all over the earth. There is a subtle stillness and peace, and that hope is what everyone is holding on to. Yes, amidst the trial and fear. Yes, amidst the chaos.  We do not see what the future holds, but we hope. Although mankind is experiencing hardship, fear does not get to decide its fate. This virus will leave soon, it is just a small moment in time. A small moment marked in eternity. It is what builds our resilience. If anything, COVID19 has highlighted just how resilient I am…how resilient we are. Yes, it is difficult to go through, and yes, we yearn to get back to our usual routines, but maybe it’s time we realise how fickle our lives are and start focusing on our souls, on what really matters. Maybe it’s time we pursued True Love.

This too, shall pass!


Creation shouts aloud and says:

“Roar, Lion, Roar!

Will you be silenced by pestilence? Will you give in to fear?

Hear! Hear! That still, small voice within you.

It guards you, and cements your hope,

All you need is faith the size of a mustard seed.

Arise! Shine! For there is an inextinguishable light within you.

It is pure, it is bright.  It knocks the dark out cold.

Roar, Lion, Roar!

Though the night comes with a lot of things unseen,

this I know, the Light within me will illuminate

for all to see,

the Holy Power that lives inside of me.

Roar, Lion, Roar.

It is like music to my ears.

My hope dances to the tune of your resilience.

Roar, Lion, Roar!”

  • Natasha Ndjiharine












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