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The Radical Change


The illustrations in this painting show the impact covid-19 is having in my community.

The COVID-19 outbreak is having worrying impacts on household incomes, food supply chains among families in both urban and rural areas. Many people have lost their jobs or livelihoods, with children no longer accessing school meals and some families struggling to buy their usual range of foods. The country is experiencing an increase in the number of children with acute malnutrition resulting from food insecurity, compromised childcare and feeding practices. We are now seeing ministries taking action to protect the nutritional status of the most vulnerable families. Support is being provided through social protection and community programmes.

Wearing masks has become part of our lives as we continue to fight against the pandemic. Authorities have urged us to put on a mask whenever we are mobile. It has become a mandate which many people were not used to. People are required to put on a mask when travelling, at workplaces and public gatherings.

Hand washing and exercising good hygiene practices have been emphasized as pivotal in the prevention of Covid-19 contraction. Due to water crisis in a majority of high density neighbourhoods, citizens have therefore resorted to communal water points like boreholes. This in turn has led to queuing at water points, often overcrowding and undermining social distancing. The fetching of water is mainly the household duty of women and children who become vulnerable to contracting the virus.

The shutdown of schools which was a precautionary measure to curb the spread of Corona virus has left students grounded at home. In response institutions have started shifting towards home-based online education in an effort to leave no one behind, harnessing digital technology.

Around the globe, governments have implored residents to stay home to protect themselves and others. But for domestic violence victims—the vast majority of whom are women and children, home is a dangerous place. Many victims are finding themselves isolated with the violent perpetrators, without access to resources, friends and family networks.

On the bright side, poaching of animals which had become rampant has reduced significantly. The lifestyle adjustment resulting from this pandemic has made us eco-friendly in our day to day lives. This has minimized the use of cars and public transport as a result there is less carbon emission and air pollutants on the environment.

Above all, it is the adherence to all the set regulations and the hand of God shielding us that will keep everyone safe and happy. Together as one family.



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