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The Game


The Pandemic has put the Society in a tough situation, it is liken to a soccer match and the Trophy for which is played is Life Championship Cup, the opposing team brought by this Pandemic is Lockdown. Lockdown has very powerful defenders of all time, when the match began a few months ago, The Society has had a very hard time trying to fight for this Championship Cup with very weak players. The Lockdown has led to some of The Society’s best strikers to injury, thus making it tough to break through to The Lockdown’s goal mouth.

However before the Lockdown, one had choices to make, so many options etc, this was possible because Employment was there, the second best striker who is able to assist in breaking through and taking down Poverty. Let me introduce you to Poverty, Poverty is The Lockdown’s goal guard , goal keeper whichever name you wish to give him, he is unbeatable sometimes. The Society is left with no choice, only one powerful striker, the best of them all, the skipper of the team, his name is Money, just from the appearance you can have hope in him. 

As the match continues, everytime the Society makes thier way to the Lockdown goal area, there are defenders the first to fight is Hunger, he can give you trouble if you do not pass the ball to best strikers like Employment and Money. Its  unfortunate that Employment is injured because of the Lockdown. The Society is trying to make ends meet but its hard, this is the time when one has to think in order to survive in the game of Life which has been hardened by Covid 19. 

The Lockdown has a very rough defender, everyone hates him but he is the captain of this team, Employment is injured just because of this defender. He gives Money no chance to be open for the ball, Money is the Society’s only skillful player who can break Poverty, but it is hard when Unemployment is there and he shall not give Money the chance.Unemployment  is powerful, unbeatable and rough. The Lockdown team created this guy.

As we look closely at this tough game, Money is hard to get when Employment is absent, but it is also very difficult to breakthrough Poverty, one striker is left open for the Society, and he is Debt, very weak and thin but can get the ball to Money if Unemployment does not break him into pieces.

The game, of Life has been toughened by something beyond human control, but we just need to play it smart for us as a Society to Win. Social distance, put on a mask, stay at home be Safe, “this too, shall pass” ~ Og Mandino

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