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Stay Sane, Stay Safe, You are Heroes



This Illustration is a poster that encourages essential workers. It is based on the concept of a hero and specifically what defines a hero. It combines various visual signifiers of heroics into a design that is meant to give encouragement and praise to all of the essential workers that continue to maintain a functioning society disregarding their health and safety. That is the core of a hero, to courageously face adversity against all odds for the sake of others. The Title reads stay sane, stay strong, you are heroes which is intended to uplift essential workers and let them know that they are appreciated.

This illustration depicts a dragon that has been adapted to fit an image reminiscent of the Covid-19 virus. It has saturated, acidic colours as well as alien-like features which make it feel strange and dangerous. There are a few essential workers in the bottom left-hand corner who are fighting this dragon together using the tools of their trade. It was important to not give importance to any particular essential worker over the rest as all of their services are equally necessary for a functioning society. It was practically not feasible to include every single essential service worker into the composition so only a few recognizable services were depicted but that does not at all discredit the work of those that were not shown. The colours used for the essential workers, their tools as well as their barrier are light, safe, and pure.

The main inspiration behind the composition was a classic fantasy tale where a band of heroes teams up to slay a dragon. This is reiterated through how they all hold their tools into the air as would be seen in generic fantasy art with the chef holding a spatula like a wand, the doctor/ nurse holding a syringe, like a sword, the cleaner holding a broom as a magical staff and the waste collector holding their hand out and releasing a spell as a mage would.  The style and colour use of the design is lighthearted and intentionally campy to create a more uplifting atmosphere, although it does not make light of the situation. 

This illustration was made to be seen by essential workers who already have enough stress and anxiety to deal with, so the hope is that seeing this poster can put a smile on their faces and uplift them because they know that they are appreciated.


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