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Stay Home, Socialise Anywhere


Topic: Covid-19

May 2020 31 May

Project being submitted #ResiliArt Ilustration Contest              

Student’s signature Leandrie de Vos               Date_31 May 2020

Topic: How has the pandemic affected Society or life as we know it?

My chosen theme is “How has the pandemic affected Society or life as we know it?”. COVID-19 has had an immense impact on the world and there are so many ways in which it affects our everyday lives. Our routines have been overturned and thrown up in the air. Communities need to stay positive and socialise, not dramatize. Stay home, socialise anywhere is inspired by this idea of routine and positivity, with a twist.

Stay home, socialise anywhere, displays a girl in her everyday life. I illustrated an average woman sitting on the toilet about to take a video call from a friend, which allows for an amusing and light hearted approach to how COVID-19 is affecting our relationships with our friends and family. According to Anusha 2020 in the article How COVID-19 IS Affecting Our Relationships, “the loss of even small interactions with friends, classmates, co-workers, supervisors — really just other humans — started to compile around the third week of isolation. I spent a lot of time on FaceTime calls, phone calls, and Zoom calls trying to desperately recreate some sense of normalcy.” This poster was created to bring back that sense of normalcy. By illustrating a dressed-up top and laid-back bottom outfit, the illustration demonstrates how people all over the world have been ‘half-dressed’ when using video chat. The colour palette was inspired by a sense of calm that we should all have during this time. Overall this poster conveys a speck of humour in these uncertain times.

The motivation for creating this work is to demonstrate how much joy interacting with friends can bring back into your life , as it is easy for people to plummet into sorrow when they are not able to interact normally. My illustration also encourages people to stay home by conveying that people can interact with their loved ones from the safety of their homes. It is critical that people follow social distancing protocols in order to minimise spread of the virus. The main goal of this poster is to show that you should stay in touch with friends and family as best we can during this pandemic.

Overall, the poster Stay home, socialise anywhere, creates a sense of community and togetherness. Social distancing will have an immense impact on our relationships, but this poster is meant to inspire and motivate people, one giggle at a time.


  1. Anusha.2020. How COVID-19 Is Affecting Our Relationships. FEATe154 (Accessed May 22 2020)


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