Here is a little girl who is left alone and has no one to take care of her and is helplessly going to the cemetery, wishing that it could only be dream and wake up from this horrible state.

Corona virus has taken away her parents from her and she is only left with nothing but sorrow and the good memories she had of her and her parents happily living together. This virus has separated families and has brought a heavy black thick cloud over the communities of our world at large.

Streets have been left desolate, graveyards have been made full and the clouds have cried for days. It is a time of grief and remorse. Children are put to sleep without a lullaby being sang to them and all they dream is nightmares. If only this was all a dream that this girl would awaken from it but it is not a dream but a lucid reality of this tragedy and sorrow.

The girl goes to the cemetery every day to grieve upon the ones she lost, the ones who were there for her and have been taken away by this monster; Corona virus.