This piece does not have a name, none of my pieces do. Their names are by the pure and raw emotion I feel and the mental state I would be immersed in while working my canvas. This is a place I believe all brilliant art comes from.

2020’s beginning marked for me the near end of a chapter of my life I had staggered through and the healing and pure growth that I had, and still was in the process of experiencing from the marrow of my soul outwards. The beginning of lockdown in my country for me was a blessing that gave me time to solidify and anchor all the growth I had experienced.

In the midst of all that healing… as the lockdown continuously got extended, I began to feel as though my growth was getting stunted. I was being prohibited from mixing my environments, which I found best induced my growth. This painting was made at a time I was swimming in helplessness and stagnancy.

I used a fauvisme style to showcase all the goodness within from the use of bright colours, while the painting itself is quite sorrowful because of my familiarity with stagnancy. I have felt it heavily but know it always comes to pass. The painting was done on a leaf collage background as a symbol of all the resilience I mastered along the way and the beautiful growth within it all.

Dimensions :A3 paper

I hope my work did not just awe you but has made you FEEL and reminisce or think ahead of all you have been and all you can be, along with all that you bear and soldier through. 🙂