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House Arrest



This illustration communicates the culture of people during the pandemic caused by the newly discovered type of corona virus, known as Covid 19. Covid 19 has forced various governments to impose laws that force their citizens to stay home and minimize movement.

This decision was made with good intention to curb the spread of the disease and save people’s lives. However, having people confined to their homes proved to not be completely safe. Many cases of domestic violence and abuse were recorded during the lockdown phase in many countries, proving that work places, schools and places of leisure were actually means of escape for many.

The pandemic has shown us that many countries have far more pressing issues that need to be attended to, than meets the eye. Homes are ideally places where people can be safe, happy and free but we have learnt that, this is a romanticized idea and a mirage for many. This is conveyed in the illustration through the blue face and various colours on the face that communicate sad emotion and scars that now serve as unnecessary aesthetic. Also, the bloody tears communicate the pain and torture that is now their daily bread.

House Arrest calls out for governments and policy makers to react to this tragedy and help affected families. Such families are indubitably in pain and need help, this is communicated by the hand that is reaching out of the prison bars within the corona virus illustration. This is to say, as governments provide sanitizers and offer help regarding Covid 19, may they also help these families regarding the abuse they endure everyday. This can be done by making domestic violence punishments stricter during this time and through means like counselling and checking in on them.

Also, providing for them in the case that the perpetrators are arrested, which is mainly the goal. _House arrest_ advocates for victims that are held captive and restricted by those considered to be their loved ones, in order to help the victims break free from the prison they have been caged in and allow for the real perpetrators to be taken to prison. This is depicted by the prison bars within the corona virus illustration.

House Arrest shows how domestic violence and abuse are also pandemics, it shows how the aforementioned box people in a dark place, as we see in the illustration, the face being surrounded by blackness and nothingness. Moreover, how the outside world is within reach and yet so far for victims, as we can note that some portion of the hand that is reaching out and is in clear view of the light while some of it, isn’t.

This communicates a lot about their mental health and stresses how much we need to rise up and tackle this matter together. There is a need to react to all these pandemics with the same amount of vigour, regardless of who or who isn’t affected.


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