This is how my illustration is related to COVID 19 pandemic. Fred is a 22-year-old musician who is making his life by playing his guitar in the streets. He uses the money to support himself and his widowed mother. Every day he travels to various market places to play to different people.

One day he went to one of the markets and discovered that the street was empty and the shops were closed. This is after the government announces a lockdown. Public gatherings such as church gatherings, markets, music concerts, soccer games and walking around aimlessly are all suspended as a preventive measure to.the  pandemic.

Because of the facts above Fred, just like everyone in the community can not perform his daily duties to get money and make a living and police on duty forces everyone to go back home, therefore, noons is making Morey until the government announces the acceptance of public gatherings again. This affects Fred, his mother and all the community economically.