This art depicts the hunger and starvation in a unique way in the society at hand. The empty spoon
symbolizes the needs of the people. In this error of coronavirus people, people no longer afford buying much food for their families as many people where left jobless due to this spread of the Coronavirus.

In this artwork, some food is shown far from the hand which symbolizes the need of people of some basic foodstuffs but they cannot afford because people no longer have money to buy all those things and some have the money but they cannot access due to the lockdown setup.

The coronavirus has been seen as an equalizer for it has made the rich and poor sick, but when it is about food commonality ends. It is the poorer people who are going hungry. This hunger crisis is been caused by the Pandemic at hand and for now, the society is in a hopeless situation which is been represented by a nice drawn empty spoon.