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Cover My Mouth and My Eyes Will Glow


Theme: How COVID-19 has affected me as an artist
Title: Cover my mouth and my eye will glow

We do often fall helplessly upon encountering a tragedy in life. We forget we can find positivity in such cases and get up stronger, fitter and better with what the tragedy has left of us. COVID-19 has come as one of these tragedies and  has brought along with it many falls, problems as well as negative changes to our basic lifestyles.

Lately, with the lockdown and full-time home stay, I took time to think of how I can rise up again or at least improve myself with what this pandemic has left me with. I figured that despite it all, I still have myself. Thankfully, unlike others, Am still healthy. That the only problem is I can’t get out freely and right then is when I decided to take time to improve my art skills. It turns out this pandemic has even helped inspire me to be more artistic, more understanding as well as sympathetic. It’s made me realise how the times we can spend with our lives ones should be cherished and that we have to be grateful for such. It’s taught me a lot about how this life is something I must be grateful for.

 According to my illustration, It turns out the mask (COVID-19) has help the eyes( what has been left of me) glow more ( lessons, improvement and better character).

Second illustration, same theme
Title: I can

In my illustration, COVID-19 is a hard ground ( hindrance) but has made me work hard and gain more strength for me ( the hand) to break through.

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