This piece of art shows us how the outside world has become dangerous and deadly in this time and season of COVID-19, the simple act of going outside of our homes has become a danger to our lives due to the pandemic. staying at home is one of the ways we can beat this world war against COVID-19.

The world has been hit tragically by this pandemic COVID-19, things haven’t been the same since COVID-19. This pandemic has put the world on a standstill, from businesses to daily activities, things that were taken for granted like taking a walk, early morning jogs, taking the bus to work or school are now difficult to do.

In this time of great struggle the world has come together to put an end to this deadly enemy called COVID-19. Measures have been taken in order to eradicate this virus, these measures include, staying at home (quarantine), avoid touching your face, washing your hands thoroughly with soap or using hand sanitizer, maintaining social distance and wearing protective masks.

Together we can win this war against COVID-19, let us join our hearts and minds in order to win this battle, it won’t be easy but let us make all the efforts to get rid of COVID-19, let us save lives by following the safety measures. Divided we fall but united we stand, let us face our fears and stay calm, stay home and stay safe.