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The African Child’s Ordeal Under Quarantine


This Illustration depicts the experiences as well as the thoughts that go through the minds of young children all around the world during this pandemic crisis.

I used this African Child as a figurative representation of every other child enduring challenges under quarantine in Africa. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected society as a whole, but in this illustration, I focused particularly on the young generation. I also managed to interpret various features in this illustration from my perspective.

The most outstanding item in this illustration is The Fence in front of the young boy. This fence stands a barrier which symbolizes the isolation of those under quarantine. This barrier prevents young ones from performing normal activities like going to school, playing with family and friends. Most younger ones are confined at home confused by the current circumstances.

The Background represents how the confinement has affected the young child emotionally as well as their social and physical well-being. Children start to feel sad, nervous and even depressed.

The Facial Expression of the boy symbolizes the thoughts of the boy as many children are witnessing their families struggle with lock-down restrictions that prevent their parents from earning a living. In many cases failing to put food on the table. Others have experienced the grief of losing family members to COVID-19. Others are experiencing mistreatment, gender-based violence and exploitation within their own homes. this leaves them depressed with feelings of helplessness.

The Eyes of the boy looking through the fence convey the hope children around the world have towards the end of the COVID-19 pandemic when they are emancipated and free to go to school and continue with their social activities.

In the meantime, the youth in our society should work on their creativity and illustrative skills to further their ability to communicate using art.



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