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Working on the heart/ Resilience. / COVID-19 the Beautiful Pain.


Art is the Pretty girl mending her heart that has been broken, thereby being resilient, withstanding the heartbreak.

In relation to COVID-19, I as an Art student had just started a new semester at College. I was so excited about the new Art modules we were going to learn. Then the outbreak of COVID-19 was now getting intense. Unfortunately, we had to go back home to quarantine. This caused a heartbreak not being able to continue learning more Art at College as I was really looking forward for. As the lockdown began there was now plenty of time with nothing to do. As an Artist then I saw this as an opportunity to start working on my Artworks.

Having more time than ever before, doing Art each day has made it possible for me to develop on my Art techniques and also it became a part of living to make the day go around. Have even got a chance to do Portraits professionally. Even though we came back home and stopped on the Art studies. I have continued to do Art at home full time. After the harsh conditions of COVID-19 having to stay inside the house, this has not stopped Art, It actually gave Art a greater opportunity to grow, for due to plenty of time created in spending time indoors Artists have more time to focus on Artworks than ever before. And also saving them from boredom making them occupied. Therefore Art withstood the conditions of COVID-19, started off as pain but turned out to be a great advantage.

As presented in the illustration, The dark background is Thee Global Pandemic COVID-19. As it is the Main Cause of all the living changes, it being the background of the situations being faced. Then there was a heartbreak caused by COVID-19, which are the conditions caused by it. Having to be quarantined. And from the heart there is a light that is produced, that is time produced by the lockdown. Now so focused on the bright side, working on the heart pain, As the Heart is being Sewed, Art is Rising up(utilising that time for Art). The light produced by the heart is Blooming and making the Colours so Bright, making the Face glow making up a Beautiful face, also giving some Light to the Background(the blue part). That is due to more time this turned to be a greater opportunity and advantage on the Art side, More time for Art not being interrupted free from the pressure of day to day activities. Art has become an activity to keep Artists occupied. Progress is made and also not to cry of boredom day by day of the quarantine, therefore, making the Art World so Beautiful. The light on the background is, due to the time for Art, as time passes things are changing every day, slowly getting over the harsh conditions.COVID-19 is no longer seen as a burden instead it became a Beautiful Pain. The different beautiful colours from the neck to face are resembling the Artworks Made. Being in harsh conditions Artworks are still being made and that’s a very beautiful thing. Thus Art really is Resilient.


N.B (EFFECT of the HEART LIGHT on COLOURS on the illustration can be seen MORE with SCREEN BRIGHTNESS a bit HIGH)

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