Being granted a lockdown period and being away from all the stresses of life was a blessing the time this pandemic started, without the deaths and economic crisis of countries but now it is everyone’s worst nightmare.

Here we are, living in fear, spending our days wearing masks and living in isolation and social distancing, a way of life no human ever predicted. It has now been months after its birth, waiting for it to end has been exhaustive enough, and the possible prospect of it existing for good is an aspect too awful to consider. All we can do now is to stay in our “isolation rooms”. The art that I made depicts an emotional artist painting how she views the situation that we are in because of the virus whilst stuck in isolation. Those that still have faith can only flee and protect themselves from the virus whilst they hope and pray that our unsung heroes engineer a cure for their sake and for the sake of those that have given up hope before it is too late.

Feeling helpless, especially when watching your loved ones die, even watching your dreams die too and knowing there’s nothing you can do about it, is the worst feeling ever.

The constant interaction with the outside world, it’s the scenery, the sunsets and even the sounds of the birds chirping and the world coming to life; all these are my sources of inspiration and they boost my imaginative sense.

These are things that I have always taken for granted and all I can do now is reminisce on the warm and cheerful days before the pandemic struck, and hope for a better tomorrow, in which the virus becomes a “legend” I can one day tell my grandchildren about.

Until then I am stuck in my isolation room praying for a better future.