This piece that depicts a Medical doctor vigorously Chopping a Coronaviruses into two halves and other coronaviruses terrified fleeing away helplessly, knowing that the doctor is coming after them to kill them.

This piece I titled COVID-19 strike act following the theme how has the coronavirus affected the society and life as we know it…as an artist, I don’t see us being overpowered by coronavirus pandemic, in this war, it is not the coronavirus that is winning it is us, the world. we are facing an enemy that we don’t know but we are yet to know how to kill it and we are just getting started with our medical experts spearheading the fight against the COVID-19. Since coronavirus attack, we have seen humanity resorting to other creative and innovative solutions to try to end the pandemic which from my perspective as an artist I see it as a bold strike on the coronavirus disease.

The doctor in this depiction is not attacking using a tablet or a portion to destroy the coronavirus he is now using a sword which is not common. his shows that we are facing a problem that we have to address differently. The war is about to end and after this humanity will evolve and be better than we were before.Covid-19 is not an end to humanity it is an opportunity to for us to evolve