In my illustration titled Art is my therapy, the main character is the young man sitting on top of Africa surrounded by viruses, in a yoga position which show he is at peace and despite the coronaviruses that revolve around him he is still and persistently does his art. This illustration I did under the Theme “Art is Resilient”.

I see art as another form of worship to the highest, it is said that in Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.” but how does anyone get to be still in the midst of this world pandemic to coronavirus that causes turmoil and causes people to panic. God must have given one a unique superpower strength to stay calm and you only have to know what is it and how to use it, as for me Art is my Therapy, it is my superpower strength, when I do art I feel at my most Godful self and I cannot be shaken by external forces as long as I have peace within myself. Art makes me undisputed, my art is resilient it keeps me going in the midst of this world pandemic that has stricken our health, economy and life in general. During my lockdown experience, I have found myself saying the cure for COVID-19 is through art then science will take it from there. The green Africa surface also symbolizes the liveliness of Africa.