No matter how bad the outside world is, art always keeps me busy. With my art, I can never find a dull moment. My art is resilient and will never let the COVID 19 situation get me down. Whenever I am stressed or panicked, I can always rely on my art to take me to a new world and envelop me in it, to the point that I am completely unaware of the outside world. In this situation the world is in, we could all use a distraction.

This drawing represents how all around me, it’s dark and uninhabited, while around me there is a square of light. My little box to keep me safe and distracted. To show how expressive I really feel I filled the walls behind with paint, that is my creativity energy failing to remain on a singular canvas. I don’t care what I look like if I have paint on my face, clothes, hair, I don’t care since no one is going to see me either way.

At the end of the day as long as I have my art I am strong and will never be put down by coronavirus. My art is resilient. Time just flies by without me noticing at all. Hours can go by feeling like just a couple of minutes. Many people have their ways of coping with the virus pandemic and lockdown, mine is art.