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Daily Archives: May 25, 2020

Art, Our Culture Will Never Perish 

ARTIST: MUNODASHE SITHOLECOUNTRY: ZIMBABWEMATERIALS USED: PENCIL, PEN, OIL PAINT, WATERCOLOURS and CRAYONS As a passionate artist, my painting aims at educating, encouraging and showing the...

Frontliners Assembled!

ARTIST: MWICHIE SONGOLOCOUNTRY: ZAMBIAMATERIALS USED: PENCIL, WATERCOLOUR, ACRYLIC and INK The piece was inspired by my love of the world of superheroes. Our front liners...

Art Keeps Me Entertained

ARTIST: TINOTENDA MAPFUMOCOUNTRY: ZIMBABWEMATERIALS USED: PENCIL, PEN and PHOTOSHOP No matter how bad the outside world is, art always keeps me busy. With my art,...