Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe like most third world countries is a hub of informal activity as the unemployed residents battle to make a living as the next meal is not guaranteed. Vendors spread their fruits, vegetables and snacks along the sidewalk waiting for their next customer. Young men and women stand at traffic lights and intersections waiting for drivers to signal them if there are some goods that have caught their eye. In downtown parts of the central business district, people cram into small spaces where each person sells from their respective stall. Commuter omnibuses battle for space with the official bus services at ranks.

All these activities cause great crowding and congestion as everyone heads into town.  In the wake of the Corona Virus pandemic, the government has taken a heavy-handed approach since locking down as the informal sector has been suspended. Traders are not allowed to enter into town to sell their goods and are stopped by the police and denied access. This creates a challenge for people who depend on getting into town to carry out their activities and make a living. The pandemic and measures of social distancing that are being encouraged have had a big impact on the society as it battles with hunger on one hand and contraction of the disease. The Image illustrates a group of vendors who had tried to get into the city but have been barred by the police and told to return home.

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