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Feels more like a hand suffocating me, like a cage I can’t flee.


It makes me laugh how our government is using COVID-19 as an excuse for everything. It’s rather ironic that they’ve prohibited even religious occasions while they are still holding political rallies. It’s like COVID-19 is a tool against us for their benefit.

Well, rumours are there that COVID-19 is not really spreading a lot in our country. However, we can’t trust that statement yet we are also doubtful of the opposite claim. Basically we are afraid and can’t trust our government for what they are telling us but there’s no other way to find out what the truth is. It’s like COVID 19 has become their way of inducing fear in us.

On the other hand, some of the measures being proposed to protect us from COVID-19 seem more like alternative ways to kill us. Our country is still developing and most people earn on a hand to mouth basis and yet the government introduces a lockdown? It’s truly sad. We don’t even know if they take a second and think about us, their people.

COVID 19 is locking us down. Away from life.

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