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Inverted Reality


One of my favourite African Proverbs is “When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.” I find this metaphor so relatable to the current pandemic that we face. Covid-19 has brought about massive tragedy and at the same time, has brought about unity, empathy and support in our society as we all face a common threat to our existence.

My painting depicts two African women from different backgrounds, different occupations and opposite pay grades. Intertwined by a medical drip, this combination symbolizing how they both face great exposure and the risk of infection. One woman represents all the doctors, nurses and health caretakers. The other woman represents all the cleaners, garbage collectors and janitors. During the lock-down and quarantine periods, the majority of the above-mentioned people have come to the forefront to treat those infected and sanitize contaminated surfaces to ensure the health and safety of civilians. (This painting can be flipped over 180 degrees, and have either woman at the top)

Life as we know it has become an INVERTED REALITY. Healthcare workers a rightfully considered to be heroes, however how many people have ever thought to show appreciation and respect to our “lower class” heroes such as cleaners? This frightening period maybe our current reality but because of courageous people like these, we now stand a great chance of overcoming Covid-19.

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