This is an artwork that shows how the world has come together to face one common enemy.

An enemy that has wreaked havoc into our world and is invading our space and killing lives with no remorse. Men and women work hand in hand to create vaccines that can treat this enemy, but all that they have given us at the moment is precautions on what to do to keep away from this enemy.

Separated from each other, staying at home and keeping hygiene is what we are now accustomed to now. Using sanitizers is keeping us safe, staying at home is how we stay safe cause you might not know who is the convie (zombie) out there.

Hands have come together and are united to defeat this enemy and conquer it to be rewarded the victory. As the world remains in its state of a standstill, behind the scenes they’re people working tirelessly to come up with a weapon that eradicates this enemy.

As we all know it, this enemy is COVID-19 and as the world holds up hygiene, the enemy retreats slowly and is no more.

This is what this drawing is portraying in relation to COVID-19.