This piece is to show the real-life hero’s. When you ask a kid who is their favourite hero they would say, batman, superman or ironman. None of them would say, doctor. Batman and Superman are all fictional and fake, while doctors, on the other hand, are real and save lives just as much as Superman.

Kids don’t tend to idolize them as much as comic book superheroes such as Superman because doctors are not as flashy or colourful. But little do they know, doctors are the people who save the lives of injured people after Superman has battled the evil guy. This piece is to show how very very important doctors are.

To appeal to younger kids I gave the doctors capes similar to Superman because they deserve it. In society today doctors are very essential because they are the ones working the most on the front lines, risking their lives to save others from coronavirus. I want kids to know that superheroes are real.

They may not wear capes, but they do wear lab coats. It’s so nice to see kids appreciate doctors and all the hard work they do. I hope you like it. When this coronavirus ends doctors will be praised and appreciated just as much as Superman, the coronavirus will be lying dead on the ground.

That’s what this drawing shows. Doctors being shown the love they deserve