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How The Pandemic Has Degraded Adults and Children In My Community


We never knew that going to work and coming back home freely was a sheer favour of God. We often complained of the workload which would, in turn, bring us income to support our families. We never knew we were privileged. We had no idea that mingling with our bosses, senior ones and colleagues, sharing our experiences about life would come to such an abrupt end.

Leaving our homes for official engagements, business trade, vacation, family fun fares and events and returned with complaints of stress, work tediousness and little dishes and gifts received were about to kiss us goodbye.

In fact, we never knew that going to our houses of worship was indeed an unconditional privilege. We never knew that walking freely on the streets, meeting friends and loved ones in the neighbourhoods meant a lot in our everyday lives. It was a rare privilege being in the public buses, commercial cabs, boarding motorcycles, talking freely with other seat occupants and even lapping one another to save cost was a favour

We never knew meeting people, staying closer to the, hugging; shaking hands freely were sheer favour of Almighty God. All these were mere favours from the creator until it came like wildfire. A deadly scourge ravaging the universe, COVID-19. It denies us our liberty. It confines us to our lone home territory. It reduces our bond to mere online link since. It shakes the powerful and weakens the vulnerable more. These were mere favours from the almighty God and we knew less and acted childishly in giving him praises.

Because of the very same coronavirus societies are trembling in fear. You never know whether you will get the coronavirus or if you are one of the unfortunate ones. Nowadays people are living in fear just hoping to wake up the next day alive. Many people have lost their loved ones, young children are left, orphans. Most parents are being stopped from going to work which was the only way they earned a living resulting in a great strike of hunger. People have lost their tradition of greeting one another just because of this ravaging scourge” COVID-19”.

We have lost the priority of helping each another just because of the fear of contracting this deadly virus. We now cannot recognize our loved ones because of the wearing of masks. We are not able even to recognize our long lost loved ones because of the change of appearance to the covering of faces. Some families are breaking their ties, some even fighting just because of the lack of money to buy their essentials. Some problems arise from this deadly pandemic that is some people are dying of hunger. Also, the closing of all workplaces due to this virus are resulting in some other people being criminals in order to earn a living. This is what I have about this pandemic; to list a few. My illustration will show you hungry children being affected by the virus.

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