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My Lockdown Experience


I used to wake up overzealously hurrying myself to school. It was then after the lockdown that I lost the zeal and hope of going to school.

It is now hide and seek with the police and many because once you get caught you are in hot soup. The fine is unbearable. Paying some fine because you were trying to get some water is so cruel. If you are not a lucky fish and get caught, hell begins. Imagine we are in April and most of the wells have dried up. Only the wetlands have some water left. We are buying water at $3 a bucket in this harsh economy and current status quo.

If we are able to get some water, it could be maybe around midday. The privileged are able to study on internet in the comfort of their homes. The less privileged try to utilize their notes and textbooks to learn. Us in the ghetto, we barely get some study time because we will be busy doing house chores. I myself, I know the meaning of going to come on a silver platter.

To get food on the table we have to work. My parents sell fresh fruits and are also involved in forex dealings making them part of the informal and illegal sector. Our family was greatly affected and our source of income too. Our meals have decreased dismally.

Some of the desperate students especially youths have resorted to robbery and unlawful entry to get an income. Now at six o’clock at six o’clock our doors are completely closed and windows shut because of fear of victimization.

By nature every demerit also comes with a merit. The lockdown is giving us time off our work helping me health wise. I am not able to get some sleep but this was difficult when I was working under pressure. Since I am a person who likes multi – task. I am devising a plan to do school work and help at home but grudgingly because I school environment please.

TINEVIMBO is a form 1 student at St Mary’s High School.


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