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This too shall pass…


In this part of the world, it started off as a rumor
We read about it in the newspapers and heard about it in the news
We joked around it till it hit hard home and graduated from a rumor to a terror
Yes! it knocked right onto our door steps,
It is true you may never understand the pain of death,
Till it visits and snatches a loved one from you
Its easier to talk about it when it is happening next door,
When it then becomes your own story, it’s as if suddenly you’ve lost speech
The panic brought by this pandemonium left hearts shaken
The speed and uncertainty of this mayhem has left even the most-
Learned scratching their heads trying to form a theory
This catastrophe has pushed the world into a lockdown,

But, alas, hear you me
Don’t let the dreams fall into this lockdown too because,
This too shall pass
When uncertainty creeps in like this, it is on hope that we find our footing;
We remain hopeful, we keep the faith;
That this too shall pass
We hold on to those dreams of brighter days,
And in the meantime, give ourselves enough consolation that,
This too shall pass…

I am a University student at the Harare Institute of Technology in my final year studying Bachelor Of Technology Honours Degree in Forensic Accounting and Auditing. I am passionate about writing. I write to inspire. I write to enthuse. I write to illuminate. I write to express unsaid feelings, emotions and thoughts that remain unspoken. I write to tell a story, common stories that are not known. And this time, I wrote about a common story of a common catastrophe to trigger uncommon thoughts and inspire hope.


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