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Expressing Depression



There’s a boy who sits in the corner 

His heart is crying out 

There are people all around him 

But no one seems to hear him shout 


His life seems fogged and empty 

What’s missing he doesn’t know 

He wears a mask everyday 

His true feelings he doesn’t show 


What you may see is a big smile 

A smile as warm as the summertime 

But what he hides beneath the grin 

Is no darker than a curtain of nighttime 


His once cheerful life 

Has turned so dull and grey 

He once enjoyed his group of friends 

Who he now pushes away 


For when he is alone 

He breaks free from his shell 

To let the unhappiness break free 

Unleashing the devil from hell 


Day by day, week by week, a sad silence surpassed him 

Sneaking through him gradually  

But taking away fast 

It’s been two weeks now, where is he?


There’s no more boy who sits in the corner 

We didn’t help when his soul weeped 

Only now it is that we realise 

It’s too late, for he is in a permanent sleep.

I am a grade 10 student, currently studying in Harare International School. For the past year or so, IB MYP 10 students have been working on Personal Projects. For me personally, this was a great opportunity to pursue my passions. Naturally, I was drawn to dance. However, when brainstorming more ideas, I figured that because this is a long-term project, I should step out of my comfort zone and work with something fairly new to me. I needed to do something different that I would still enjoy. This thought is what reintroduced my acquaintanceship with photography, poetry, and curiosity for mental disabilities. My goal was to create an exhibition of portrait photographs with corresponding poetry for the 5 most prevalent mental illnesses in teenagers; depression, anxiety, eating disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and schizophrenia. Unfortunately, as a result of the Covid-19 outspread, the PP exhibition for this year was cancelled. Anyways, this is the poem I wrote in hope to express “depression” the best I could.


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