Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash
Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash


Separated by a global pandemic and travel restrictions, a daughter’s letter to her father in a distant country.


I wish you were here to see, with your very own eyes, how grown Christian is. He is no longer the pea you parted with. No, he has grown, and I guess in some ways so have I.

The pandemic has upended our world. We live in tough times but we will cope. I mean, epidemics are the norm, floods a trend and bushfires a constant. It pains me though that it had to take a virus to show the world how much we need each other. But we will survive.

I do miss going into public spaces without a face mask, but even before I could not walk the streets without fear embedding its claws in my back. It seems as though this pandemic has simply fast sent our pending doom.

We were always going to stop our daily visits to the store, shown by the growing success of online shopping, but I do miss though the short drive and colour of Saturday shopping. Going to school was already going extinct when they introduced online classes. So is this virus really a curse, or rather, a blessing in disguise? That’s a discussion for another day!

They say never look a gift horse in the mouth, and is that not exactly what we are doing now? Has this virus not stopped 75 percent of pollution? Are families not growing closer together with the need for social interaction?

Dad this virus has brought untold suffering to the world but as always I choose to look at the bright side. I now get to see mom more than the Sunday evenings. I now a have time to spend with Christian, not being at school for most of the week. I do not feud with my sisters as much now. We have grown united and I hope the rest of the world has too.

We really need each other, as we seek to find our way out of this.

I hope to see you once this whole ordeal is over.

I miss you and stay strong!

Your daughter


By ALDEBARAN PHIRI is a Form 2 student who enjoys fiction and non-fiction writing, public speaking and debating particularly on topical issues including race relations, economy, politics, life in general. She believes in Africa and that the future is African.