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In-Dependance “Reimagining Zimbabwe”

By OCTAgon

I have this pleasure to address life’s course like a poem amplified from the heart

Cry not oh beloved motherland ,
Oh cry nomore !
The night is young yes but it will not last forever
Soon dawn will break , but Just how soon is soon ?
To nothingness we are in- dependence.

Shall we commit again our bodies to the physicians that first wounded us ;
the allies that abandoned us ;
The mistakes that since haunted us ;
And the ignorance that has for long divided us .
Frown not oh ancestors ! , heal the land that conceived us.

Fate has not yet condemned us ,
Independence of mind can yet again deliver us ,
If only we acknowledge the blood that liberated us.

Strife is a shape shifter
Unpredictable enough to bestow upon the motherland heavy burdens. A bright vista of our past enlightens that ; however ,
Unity is a weight lifter .

From guns to buns ;
From beans to billions ,
Such is the inheritance given us by the ancestors .

Only claimed through the hand of unity .

Tell it far and wide ; let the soldiers salute it , the historians explain it , the preachers declare it and the singers melodise the message that the key to autarky and a greater Zimbabwe in(Dominance ) is UNITY AND UNITY ALONE !!

Why dont we attempt to re-write the stars and forget our scars in-dependence till the day break of true independence…..?

ZIM @40

OCTAgon is an Upper-Six student at Anderson Adventist High School. #26 M.P.C.


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