Oppressed by the system, depressed by its decision. An incision of thought of life outside of society. The humane thoughts of reality are a distant whisper…an echo lost in the wind. Here i am to fight the system. A system where corruption is the daily tea. A system where our women are controlled and undermined. A system where like-minded people want to believe its their reality…but what is reality?  Reality is just imagination…an illusion…a dream…we gotta wake up…. I feel alone. Noone knows my pain. It goes away but like rain, eventually pours on me. I just wanna fit in… but id have to sit in this chair driven by society. Im sorry for the pain ive caused…im sorry for the name i paused to say as our hearts beat faster. I am a robot…i do not know love.

TBK is a 2nd year student at Wits University, with a passion for the art’s. She is an aspiring poet and this piece is about her view of society.