Photo by Ninno JackJr on Unsplash
Photo by Ninno JackJr on Unsplash


Round one
As a young girl I have dreams
Hope of perusing an education leams
But as these beams of aspiration limn a beautiful portrait
They are expunged by the callous hand of society
The seed of lies rooted deep in the heart of society
Has sprouted into branches of brutality and mendacity
And knocked me out into a state of confusion and complexity
Goodbye education, so long prosperity
And one point for society

Round two
Hush, adults are talking
Scram, what are you doing, mocking?
A child has no place and if they dare speak up
They are tossed into the arena where they as an individual face the vindictive lash of adult society
Once again, dominant society wins

Round three
A woman’s duty is to bare children ,
Raise them and please the man.
She is an ornament, we see her
But she must not be heard
Wrong your husband
And face the rancorous whip of society
Society has won as always
The undefeated champion

The battle between people and the society is incessant
And unrelenting crescenone
Because the two will never meet
And society on it unchallenged seat

Today, legions of pugilists ascend
They are like a phoenix
Rising for society’s delusional taboos to descend
They stand to rebuke those who preach peace
But shatter innocent, helpless lives to pieces

It is a single individual against the substantial society
The battle is an interminable one
And it is never lost nor won
Nobody can change the world in one day
No, not one
But in the millennium we will continue to fight
And hopes flourish to fix the wrongs and make them right


PSYCHEDELIC is a Form 5 student currently studying Geography, Divinity and Literature.