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Force Fed A New Reality


The sun looks beautiful from afar
But the closer you look the more blinding it becomes
Earth never understood that and now she has been blinded
And so let us walk the path without sight
But with the faith of believing for a brighter tomorrow.
Greetings to the night and its deafening silence she hath attained

The air has become lighter yet denser in the way that she fills up our lungs.
The streets that used to dance have been crippled to stillness
All because serenity serenaded the grim ripper
And now we are forced to break bread with death himself
Tears of sorrow fall afresh on the endless streams of trouble.
Sanction the lost voices to echo the places they once journeyed

Lost and confused, our poor world has become a flickering light
The jolly chuckles of the young are beginning to fade away
And all that once was has become but a measly memory.
A new reality force feed to us for our own safety
Transpired so abruptly
Meanwhile we await the homecoming of our deliverer

Our eyes have not begun to see any sign of the rapture
Although our world feels the nearing end
Some are still to repent while others nurse their bare wounds.
No one has the time to face the past animosities;
Earth was ripped away from normality’s bosom
Indifferent to the reality, it all seemed so counterfeit

And yet some earthly mothers abandon their babes in their time of need
Why did this feel any different?
Whereas others have been retained by their mental prisons
And now all are stuck in physical confinement.
And so, children shall be reintroduced to the sight of their estranged parents
Spouses shall fall in and out of love and so shall families be tested

While businesses are aborted.
Hello virtual communication, send our regards to the western community
Whereas my people cannot afford such a “vital” luxury
So l shall weep for my darling country
While the rest of the people find solace during the lockdown
My people shall be acquainted with death from the mouth of starvation

If it isn’t starvation, ignorance will be the end of us.
Covid-19 l beg thee, allow us to return to the very clay
That formed us, from old age and not by your hand
Hope is not lost, salvation is near
For every new day begins in the dark.
Alone together we shall walk the path,
Once more we shall set our sights upon the light.

PANASHE is a Law student at UJ currently at home in Harare during lockdown.


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