Swimming Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash
Swimming Photo by Marcus Ng on Unsplash

The Zimbabwean team remained on top of the CANA Zone IV Swimming Championships medal table after an action packed day at the University of Botswana Swimming Pool in Gaborone.

Mozambique’s Caio Lobo (14) added two gold medals to his tally, winning the 200m breaststroke in 2:36.74 ahead of Angola’s Filipe Freitas (14) in 2:44.04 and Seychelles’ Nathan Nagapin (14) in 2:45.43; and the 50m backstroke in 30.74 followed by Zimbabwe’s Tichatonga Makaya (13) in 31.13 and Namibia’s Brave Magongo (14) in 31.71.

Lobo also won the silver in the 50m butterfly in 28.27; while Makaya grabbed the gold in 27.50 and then went on to win a silver medal in the 200m freestyle in 2:11.42.

Another impressive swim came from Namibia’s Oliver Durand (12), who bagged the gold medals in the 200m breaststroke in 2:48.03, the 50m backstroke in 32.63 and the 200m freestyle in 2:17.08 and a bronze medal in the 50m butterfly in 32.17. The winner of the 50m butterfly was Botswana’s Junior Keitsile (12), who posted a new Championship Record time of 28.98 to the 2019 time of 30.04.

The silver and bronze in the breaststroke went to Zimbabwe’s Khaya Vimva (12) in 3:04.06 and Limbikani Kalipengule (11) in 3:06.66, while the rest of the backstroke medal podium was made up of Botswana’s Junior Keitsile (12) in 34.00 and Seychelles’ Alexander Payet (12) in 34.52.

Payet won another bronze in the 200m freestyle in 2:19.12.

14 year old Maya Stange from Namibia scooped the gold in the 200m breaststroke in 2:56.49 ahead of SA’s Ingrid Banza (14) in 2:57.22 and Seychelles’ Lilianna Mason (13) in 3:02.52 and also went on to win a bronze in the 50m backstroke in 34.38 behind Zimbabwe’s Timea Schultz (14) in 32.35 and Saira Ramajan (14) in 33.11.

Shultz also hit the water in the 200m freestyle and won the bronze medal in 2:20.82 behind the South African duo of Emma Beyers (14) in 2:18.41 and Tiara Finnis (14) in 2:19.52.

Zambia’s Mia Phiri (16) was more than happy with her double gold medal win in the 50m butterfly in 29.61 and the 50m backstroke in 31.15, while the rest of the spots on the butterfly and backstroke medal podium went to SA’s Alexia Young (16) in 29.86 and Uganda’s Kirabo Namutebi (15) in 29.97 and Madagascar’s Idealy Tendrinavalona (15) 32.17 and Uganda’s Kirabo Namutebi (15) in 32.27, respectively.

The talented Tamenji Miti (12) from Zambia made her way to the top of the medal podium in the 50m butterfly in 31.37 followed by Zimbabwe’s Mikayla Makwabarara (11) in 32.00 and Mauritius’ Eunnice Ramdhun (12) in 33.33 and later in the day won a silver medal in the 50m backstroke in 35.04, behind Seychelles’ Isabelle Labuschagne (12) in 34.31 and ahead of Namibia’s Michaela Ohm (12) in 35.54.

Namibia’s Heleni Stergiadis (17) and Madagascar’s Holy Rabejaona (17) won the gold and silver in the 50m backstroke and the bronze and silver in the 50m butterfly, clocking 31.84, 33.61,30,62 and 30.33, respectively, while the bronze in the backstroke went to Eswatini’s Robyn Young (19) in 33.66 and the gold in the butterfly to Zimbabwe’s Nomvula Mjimba (17) in 30.27.

Stergiadis made it three in the 200m freestyle, finishing first in 2:12.91 ahead of teammate Vicky Botha (18) in 2:19.74 and Zimbabwe’s Courtney Brown (17) in 2:20.75, while Brown went one better in the 200m breaststroke to claim the silver in 3:07.91.

In the 15-16 50m butterfly, Mozambique’s Matthew Lawrence (16) touched the wall in a new Championship Record time of 25.39 ahead of Mauritius’ Victor Ah Yong (15) in 26.14 and Namibia’s Mikah Burger (15) in 27.76, while Ah Yong finished the evening session with a gold medal in the 50m backstroke in 29.07 followed by Namibia’s Mikah Burger (15) in 29.11 and SA’s Ramon Landmann (16) in 29.22.

Lawrence also scooped a bronze medal in the 200m breaststroke in 2:37.20 behind the Seychelles’ Joshua Muller (15) in 2:29.62 and SA’s Fabio Santos (16) in 2:36.78, while Malawi’s Filipe Gomes (22), Botswana’s Ethan Fischer (17) and Zimbabwe’s Tait Mills (17) made up the medal podium in the 17-24 200m breaststroke in 2:29.26, 2:33.54 and 2:41.97, respectively.

Gomes also took home the silver in the 200m freestyle in 1:59.39 behind Botswana’s James Freeman in 1:56.33 and ahead of Namibia’s Corne le Roux in 2:03.69, while Andile Bekker (16) claimed the 15-16 freestyle title in 1:58.60, over 3secs ahead of SA’s Dawie Verster (16) in 2:03.38 and Wietske vd Westhuizen (16) in 2:03.40.

Namibia’s Ariana Naukosho (12) took the honours in the 200m breaststroke in 3:04.37 and the 200m freestyle in 2:27.44, while Eswatini’s Hayley Hoy (11) won the silver in both events in 3:11.52 and 2:28.75, respectively.

The bronze in the breaststroke was claimed by Mauritius’ Alina Muslun (12) in 3:12.10 and the freestyle by Mauritius’ Ramdhun (12) in 2:31.52.

The Seychelles’ Mathieu Bachmann (23) was victorious in the 50m butterfly in 25.52 ahead of Zambia’s Ralph Goveia (23) in 25.62 and Zimbabwe’s Joash McKonie (17) in 25.95, and claimed the silver in the 50m backstroke in 28.48 behind Zimbabwe’s Denilson Cyprianos (17) in 27.59 and ahead of the Seychelles’ Tyler Fred (17) in 28.66.

In the 13-14 50m butterfly, the medals were claimed by Zimbabwe’s Vhenekai Dhemba (13) in 30.53, Zimbabwe’s Kiara Goodinson (14) in 31.31 and Zambia’s Jade Phiri (13) in 31.56, while the top three places in the 15-16 200m breaststroke went to Mauritius’ Alicia Kok Shun (15) in 2:46.93, SA’s Teagan Jose (16) in 2:51.12 and SA’s Christine Mbite (16) in 2:53.21.

In the 4 x 100m freestyle relays, the Zimbabwean teams won three of the four gold medals, touching the wall in 3:38.99 for the men’s Over 15, posting a new Championship Record of 4:09.62 for the ladies’ Over 15 and clocking a golden 4:19.76 for the ladies’ U14.

The South African men’s team won the U14 4 x 100m freestyle relay with a time of 4:00.97.

Yesterday’s 4 x 50m U14 medley relay event saw the ladies’ team from Zimbabwe take the honours in 2:11.80 ahead of South Africa in 2:13.09 and Botswana in 2:14.78, while the men’s U14 gold medal went to South Africa in 2:02.30, followed by Namibia in 2:04.99 and Zimbabwe in 2:05.09.

In the ladies’ Over 15 category 4 x 50m medley relay, Zimbabwe was once again on top in 2:07.07 to Botswana’s 2:08.74 and South Africa’s 2:09.56.

The Masters section of the Championships saw the host nation continuing to dominate with gold medals for Bontsi Morewane (37) in 4:10.33 (200m breaststroke) and 46.26 (50m butterfly), Boitumelo Baleseng (39) in 3:30.78 (200m breaststroke), Lawrence Gachala (49) in 4:14.22 (200m breaststroke), Tatenda Ngorosha (26) in 29.53 (50m butterfly), Alma Saat (46) in 2:47.15 (200m freestyle) and Peter Freeman (45) in 2:37.42 (200m freestyle).

Zambia’s Sophie Peach (32) was in top form; claiming another gold medal in 48.46 in the 50m backstroke, while team-mates Tonia Weltin (49) and Guy Phiri (50) won their respective 50m backstroke races in 44.43 and 33.54.

Phiri also won the 50m butterfly in 31.96.

Namibia’s Dantie Louw (36) took home the 25-44 age group backstroke title in 34.63 and the 200m freestyle gold in 2:33.56, while Mozambique’s Ana Araujo (51) won the Over 45 50m butterfly in 40.13.

The competition continues tomorrow with the morning session starting at 09h00, while the afternoon finals will begin at 15h00.

Medal rankings (after day 2):

South Africa512926

Masters Medal rankings (after Day 02):

South Africa0011