Photo by dole777 on Unsplash
Photo by dole777 on Unsplash


We are now living in a global village and the use of social media has risen greatly, as people from all walks of lives have one or more social media accounts. It is now very easy and very convenient to communicate with anyone regardless of the distance, as long as one has an account to any platform available.

Communication with a person a 1000 kilometres away has been made easy and very convenient and with the click of a button, people are connected and it is very effective.

Social media has brought people so close together than ever before as there is direct connection and large audiences can also be connected at once. Former classmates are connected, lost loved ones can be found, friends can be reunited and family can always be in touch with each other.

Using social media importantly is easy, quick and is very affordable compared to making calls especially long distance or using post mail.

People are spoiled for choice when it comes to communication this day and age social media is that Cherry on top of all means of communicating.

However, social media has also caused a lot of turmoil in people lives as it being abused badly.

It is with great concern that social media regardless of its usefulness, people are now using it to humiliate, embarrass seek revenge and destroy other people intentionally.

Regardless of the platform, people are now using it to bash or seek revenge. Importantly the emotional abuse behind social media is too much and therefore is a great chance for embarrassment.

Women have fallen prey to this beast so called social media as each and every day more and more nude and inappropriate pictures or videos of women and girls are circulating on different platforms of social media. This has caused a lot of pain and great embarrassment to the women and their families.

Their privacy is comprised as they are exposed to the world, exposing such kind of explicit footage makes one wonder if the person who is posting such footage has a consciousness or not and also wonder about their state of mind.

What will one benefit for humiliating another human being, degrading and causing such pain to other fellow human being.

Families and lives are being destroyed, as videos or pictures flood the social media. Future employment or endeavours can be dampened because of such kind of videos.

Despite the humiliation, these videos can damage one’s reputation in the long run as someone somewhere can use the video or pictures against them in the future.

What ever happened to the respect of human dignity regardless of the circumstances, one wonders. Is social media a beast or people are just abusing it? Indeed whatever happens in private or behind closed doors should never be exposed to the whole world. What ever happened to hunhu/Ubuntu, the concept of never exposing one’s dirty laundry to the public?

Regardless of the circumstances, as humans we should strive to feel for each other and try not to humiliate others, instead the inner being in each and every one of us should try to respect each and every one regardless of one’s flaws or short falls. Going back to Ubuntu/hunhu and respecting each other.